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Anyone remembers me?

Probably not...

Either way, I am moving~ XD
The entries that are here will be left here, but all my future jrock fanfics will be poster at mystery_scene.
Also, if anyone, against all odds, would be interested, I am making an archive over at Twisted Mystery ^___^



 Not sure I can actually manage, but I'll at least give it a try and take in some requests.
To see what bands/artists I write and other rules, please view the request-post[info]jibe_gajima. 



 Title: [untitled]
Author: Reita-tattoo
Rating: R
Genre: Angst, drama
Disclaimer: If I owned them, there's no way in hell I'd write this half-assed shit about them. I'd film then 24/7.
Warning(s): Character death and weirdness.
Author's Note: The original idea was awesome. The finished product... Not as awesome >.< Too tired to re-write, though.
And it's rushed and just weird, weird, weird. Hope you enjoy anyway! Btw, anyone got an idea of a title?

Of love and hate and too much coldness.Collapse )

I have an archive!

And for the first time in my life, I have an archive! At another journal, though, considering it contains both kpop & jrock-fics. I also deleted most of my fics (all except one, lol), and re-ordered my tags. 
My new archive can be found at jibe_gajima (yes, the name is very random, but whatever).


Just a Tree [Oneshot]

Title: Just a Tree
Author: Me, ich & jag
Rating: PG
Genre: Drama, romance
Characters/pairings: Reituki, Ruki
Warning(s): Unbeta-ed, sadness (I guess...?)
Summary: Do you see my tears, love?
Those are not of sorrow and loss,
But of happiness for what we shared.

Just a TreeCollapse )